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Soul Food

Posted on December 14, 2016

Today was a fun day... I went to a soul food restaurant and ate a bunch of new cultural foods. It was amazing to see the new exquisite foods that I was provided. I ate baked macaroni and cheese which was coated with four different cheeses which are cheddar, mozerella, provolgne, and pepper jack. I also ate fried chicken with amazing buscuits and cornbread.

Spanish Food

Posted on December 12,2016

Since I got tired of my at home spanish food, today I decided to eat some different restaraunt made spanish food. I went to El Valle and ordered a sancocho. That's a type of soup with chicken breast and some juicy caldo and rice to compliment in

Asian Food

posted on December 16,2016

You always order your chinese food from the americanized chinese stores, But have you really ever tasted